Gym King was founded in 2014 by Jay Parker with a vision to create multifunctional athleisure clothing. Gym King is now a destination where fashion & fitness collide. It has grown from humble beginnings to a multimillion-pound lifestyle & gymwear brand serving over a million customers across the world.

We believe in self-belief.
That nothing can withstand its power. Knock it down 7 times, it will stand up 8.
You can’t buy self-belief. You can’t teach self-belief. But you can inspire it...
When you truly believe... you are unstoppable.
Always pushing yourself: To learn...To grow...To improve.
Confident that you will be better tomorrow than you are today.
We know that anything is possible when you’ve got something to prove and the mindset to prove it.
We are here to show that destiny is not a matter of fate. It is a matter of faith.
That with an unshakable belief that you can. You will.

We are committed to becoming the best versions of ourselves and encouraging others to do the same.

We show persistence in the face of adversity. We get hit, but we keep moving forward.

Our like-minded customers, employees, and brand ambassadors from all over the world, share our values and help bring them to life.