In this section you'll find a list of frequently asked questions as well as answers to them.  If you find you have a question regarding the site please feel free to message using the contact form at the bottm of this page or via email at support@envygames-store.com.  We'll provide you an answer and depending on the importance for the community and/or the frequency of the question, post it here as well, thanks!


  • I can't find a card I'm looking for on Envy Games, is there some error?

A. If you cannot find a card on the storefront, either using the homepage or sorted collections we have available, try using the search-bar in the top right of the page by clicking on the magnifying glass.  You don't need to input the whole card name, but you do need to input whole words or the whole serial number (including the card rarity I.E. 1-001H, etc...) spelled correctly to find a card. If after doing this you still cannot find a card, it is either because we have not gotten to upload the card you are searching for onto the site just yet, or we have removed the searched card from our storefront. 

If you would still like to purchase a card after finding it not available on the store, please message us. We might have it and upload it to purchase just for you!