Our Quality

Here at Envy Games, we pride on providing you great quality product, whether it be card singles or any other items purchased from us.

Most importantly in card singles, all foil and legend cards come directly from pack to perfect fit sleeve, and for all other standard cards, they are carefully sorted and stored to ensure their quality. When cards are shipped they are inspected once again before shipping to ensure that they are near mint-mint condition. If we come to find that a card being shipped doesn't meet our quality standards we will then contact you regarding this to provide a different sale of same value or refund of product.  If there are no quality issues, then they are then re-sleeved in perfect fit sleeves, cased in toploaders, water sealed, and then posted in a bubble mailer! :)


As far as what we consider Near Mint or higher condition, cards in Near Mint condition show minimal to no wear from shuffling, play or handling and can have a nearly unmarked surface, crisp corners and unblemished edges outside of a few minimal flaws. A Near Mint card may have a tiny edge nick or a tiny scratch or two, but overall look nearly unplayed with no major defects or flaws. We do allow certain printing errors such as opus 1 wave one misprints, such as the colon dropping, as well as a low amount of bowing on foils, etc and such going forward, but none that show damage such as scratching through the card, etc.

Card pricing based around TCGPlayer Market Price or Reasonable Price based on Availability / Supply and Demand - Legends updated weekly, all other cards updated upon request

Checkout minimum is 5.00$

Shipping Prices Reflect Shipping Quality, Care, and Handling


A Little Bit About Us

I've been into card games since my younger years, playing all sorts of TCG's as well as video games since the age of 4.  Final Fantasy has always been a great part in my life that was only stumbled upon after visiting a flea market with my family around the age of 7 and coming across a Final Fantasy 6 (known as 3 in america at the time) SNES cartridge, not knowing anything about the games, but taking an interest in the character Mog on the cover and asking to get it.  This game became an all time favorite to me, and I loved how this game and many more were filled with the great imaginative captivating stories, beautiful artwork, and characters that you could always feel you could relate to yet could go above and beyond to become heroes and has kept me playing titles in the series for years.

Fast forward to 2017, I heard the game was launched in October the year prior yet couldn't get my hands on it up until a Local Store around February had received stock as I found out through an ad on facebook. I called immediately and when they told me they had a box available I headed over there to pick it up, and after opening that box of Opus 1 I was hooked.  It began as a fun sort of small hobby since I liked playing TCG's prior and was looking for something new, getting people together where I could - though it escalated quickly and I started a small community here in the Chicago suburbs to have people to play with. Slowly but surely after traveling from store to store and teaching people as well as helping the LGS's in the area, our group and community had grown large. 

To me it seemed only natural to take it a step further to help build the community even larger and support myself and hobby I love doing, and so I started to create what you see here now - Envy Games!